Technology Innovation to Processing Coconut Trunk

Efforts to lift the stem old coconut tree as the product of economic value has continued in coconut producing countries. Different characteristics of coconut wood with wood trees are normally used, so that a more appropriate processing technology being developed.

Several findings in the joint Australia, Fiji and Samoa for the development of the economic value of coconut wood has produced new tips coconut wood processing technology for the Pacific community. Cooperation is funded by the Agency for International Cooperation of the Australian Agricultural Research (ACIAR) that aims to make the stem of coconut as a high value product. Among others to be used as building materials such as flooring and furniture.

Cooperation 4 years it has been completed recently with the result, among others, new ways of processing coconut wood is more suitable for downstream product quality coconut wood can be much higher.
Two main points on which the R & D is done is, first that technically, the stem of coconut wood is not actually in the classical sense (common) due to including the family of grasses.
Second, that the density of “timber” coconut trunk is very varied, in a single trunk which contained all the circuit density is known in the timber industry, from balsa (strong but light) until ironbark (hard, dense). These variations that cause problems in the machinery and the drying process.
Further research showed the cause of the variation point of the lines of coconut wood fiber is the dramatic structure of interlocking fibers (interlocked) and layered, formed in a spiral, like a triple screw (triple helix). Being thus led coconut tree stand the whirlwind, but it tends to twist in the heating container.
With the identification of triple-helix structure that it can be the most efficient way in sawing boards from coconut trunk. Can also find ways to overcome problems in the drying time.
On the basis of the findings of coconut wood heating techniques that are designed only by a team of researchers is not intended simply to lower the moisture content up to export specifications, but also prevent or reduce bending by using ballast.
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