Threat For Travel Agents

Threat For Travel Agents – Impact of floods that hit Jakarta this time touching different aspects of life in the capital. What about your tour?

Some airlines provide tolerance to passengers who can not come in on time and left the plane. Because the streets of Capital lame to passable. How about the trip that has been designed travel agent?

Co-founder of online travel agents, Valadoo, Aris Suryamas said if floods that hit this time no significant impacts on various travel tours they serve. “Not too powerful because it’s already entered the low season. After all, everything we serve them online, so yes there is no interference, “he said when contacted Okezone, Friday (18/01/2013).

According to him, the biggest thing that can affect the number of tourists is the stability of the country’s security. The issue of terrorism is very influential on vacation interests.

“If you like a flood like baseball too influential. Maybe if to some places, such as the Mount Merapi continues to turn into the standby status or want to Karimun Jawa but boats can not get off, it had the effect, “he added.

According to him, if the cancellation occurs and travel tours, participants will get their money back with a maximum period of up to two weeks. The tour participants were able to change their travel schedule to another schedule that is still possible.

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